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About This Course

Unveiling a meticulously crafted program that blends the precision of Technical Price Action with strategic investing. This course is tailored for both seasoned investors and enthusiastic beginners, offering insights to sculpt a high-performance portfolio. Core Learning Modules: 1. Technical Price Action Mastery: Delve into the intricate world of price action, understanding market dynamics, and recognizing pivotal trends and reversals. 2. Precision in Entry & Exits: Learn the art of timing, ensuring optimal entry and exit points to maximize returns and minimize risks. 3. Systematic Investing Approach: Cultivate a disciplined investing methodology, diversifying risks and optimizing returns. 4. High CAGR Portfolio Design: Master the technique of curating a portfolio with a high Compound Annual Growth Rate, ensuring steady wealth appreciation. 5. Long-Term Wealth Creation: With knowledge and strategy, set the stage for sustainable wealth growth over time

Skills You’ll Learn

Multibagger Stocks Strategy
Technical Price Action
Precise Entry & Exits
Systematice Investing

Top 4 Benefits From This Course

Build High CAGR Portfolio
Create Long Term Wealth
Ride Market Cycles
Invest With Confidence


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Lesson 1:

1:16 Hour

Introduction to Price Action Investing

learn basic concepts , how & why of Price Action Investing

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Lesson 2:

1:59 Hour

Charting & Technical Analysis

Learn basic concepts of charting & technical analysis

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Lesson 3:

1:38 Hour

Stock Market Cycles & Indicators

Learn about behavior of stock market cycles & indicators used to identify the same

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Lesson 4:

1:41 Hour

Systematic Investing & Stock Entry Setup

Learn about systematic investing process & stock entry setup for identifying multibagger s

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Lesson 5:

1:44 Hour

Entry Set Up - Optimisation & Variation

learn about variations in entry setup & how to optimize entry

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Lesson 6:

1:28 Hour

Multibagger Patterns & Position Buildup

learn about various behavior patterns of multibagger stocks & how to build position after

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Lesson 7:

1:51 Hour

Stop Loss & Target

Learn about deriving stop losses scientifically, how to trail stop loss & identifying targ

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Lesson 8:

1:39 Hour

Pyramiding & Profit Booking

Learn how to add to winning positions with pyramiding & also booking profits when price ru

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Lesson 9:

1:54 Hour

Portfolio Construction & Stock Filters

learn how to filter stocks for better portfolio construction

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Lesson 10:

1:06 Hour

Scanning Potential Multibagger Stocks

Lean about simple code & software to scan for potential multibagger stocks

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Lesson 11:

1:47 Hour

Fundamentals & Market Extremes

Lean how to use fundamental analysis to check health of the company & how to identify extr

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Lesson 12:

1:30 Hour

Asset Allocation

Learn about asset classes & strategic/ tactical asset allocation. Learn strategies to chan

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Access to Scanning & Excel tools
Monthly follow-up Q&A
Chance to participate in meet ups
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Meet Zafar Shaikh


Zafar Shaikh is an accomplished stock market investor & trader . Mechanical Engineer by qualification he exhibited a keen interest in finance and investments. His passion for understanding market dynamics and identifying opportunities in the stock ma

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"Knowledgeable and well structured program. Thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this program. Highly satisfied. Learnt a lot. Thanks Zafar"
Malay Jog
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"It was very well structured and delivery of content was done in a truly professional manner. Excellent communication skills. Explained concepts in simple way and had loads of patience in answering all our queries. Met my expectations, in fact, exceeded it."